Hospital Crew at Bagram, Afghanistan

Welcome to the Cards for Soldiers Program website! We invite everyone to participate in the “Cards for Soldiers Program” Project. The project is two-fold: we make handcrafted and/or signed greeting cards to be sent to our troops that are deployed overseas. The hand-signed cards are usually Thank You, We Miss You, Holiday cards, etc. to let the soldiers know that we appreciate their service and miss them. The rest of the cards are left blank, so that the soldiers can send greetings cards home to their loved ones. The subject of those greetings is left up to the designer of the card. Our troops need cards to send home to their families as the facilities to obtain the greetings cards are very limited. The troops do not always have access to email or phone services and enjoy sending cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, etc. home to their loved ones. We have partnered with individuals that prepare care packages for Soldiers' Angels and The Desert Angel to get the cards into the packages and to the soldiers. 
Troops showing off their handmade cards!

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"Hero Cards" for the Troops